Glass Moose Mugs


You found it!  The official reproduction of the famous Christmas Vacation moose mugs that Eddie and Clark used in the Christmas Classic.  Now you can enjoy the Holidays just like the Griswolds this Christmas.

Product Description:  Reproduction glass eggnog mugs designed after Wally World’s mascot Marty the Moose.  Glasses are officially licensed by Warner Bros.  Each mug is uniquely made by hand from molded glass.  They make a focal point and conversational item for even the most stressful family holiday gathering or party.  Clark would be proud!

Product Dimensions:  Width: 9″(measured from antler end to antler end); Height: 5-1/2″ (from tip of nose to back of glass); Height 4″(top to bottom); Weight: 8 ounces.   Item will hold approximately 6 ounces of eggnog or your favorite beverage.

Acrylic Moose Mugs


Are glass mugs not your first choice?  These acrylic models are high quality and are excellent reproductions.  Cousin Eddie couldn’t even tell the difference.  Obviously the plastic models are much lighter than the glass ones.  This makes them an excellent choice for children and of course, they are dishwasher safe.

Product Description:  Your friends will be amazed that you actually found the moose mugs from Christmas Vacation.  These lightweight, crystal clear, acrylic one piece “glasses” are high quality reproductions from the holiday classic movie.  These acrylic replicas offer a stronger and safe alternative to the glass reproductions.

Product Highlights

  • Dishwasher Safe Of Course
  • Offers a Safe Substitute for the Glass Replicas
  • Individually Boxed for the Holiday Season
  • Great for the Whole Family
  • Single Piece Crystal Clear Acrylic

Product Dimensions: Width 8.25″ , Front to Back 4.25″  Height: 6.25″ .  Product will hold 8 ounces of your favorite beverage. Item is measured exactly as the glass model.

Note from the editor:

Almost everyone you know has seen the movie Christmas Vacation, but there is no bigger fan than me.  Every year on Thanksgiving we break this movie out and enjoy it as a family.  We watch it even before the football games!  Everybody from the grandkids to the grandparents absolutely loves this movie.  Now you can enjoy your favorite glass of eggnog with one of these glass or acrylic moose mugs.  Each model is high quality and will stand the test of time.  Order yours now before they run out of stock of this one of a kind item.

P.S. These items go out of stock almost every year.  Get yours early or you will be missing out on the laughter and hours of Christmas Cheer that these mugs will bring you and your family.